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Related post: The juice provides an astringent "kino". It is rubbed on childrens 1 gums on the Ivory Coast to help the teeth through (Kerharo and Bouquet, 1950). It is used similarly in Ghana and also applied to sores in the Purchase Bromocriptine mouth or on the tongue to heal (Traditional). The viscid juice and pounded leaves are slightly rubefacient and are applied to sluggish ulcers. A lotion made from the crushed leaves is used in treating Guinea-worm sores or the ashes of the burnt leaves are applied to the sores (Dalziel, 1937). The boiled leaves mixed with lime juice are drunk or used in washing for "yellow fever" (jaundice). The Ebris use the warm leaves for rheumatic pains. A decoction of the young leaves is also taken internally for fever while the Bakwiri of the Cameroon Mountains drink the same, added Bromocriptine Online to beer as a "diuretic" for rheumatism (Santesson, 1926). In Nigeria a decoction of the leaves with native natron is used by women as a wash for a month before child birth. In Gambia the leaves are used to make a mouthwash (Dalziel, (1937). In Ghana the leaves are a common ingredient in enema preparations and are prepared with palm fruits as an enema for weakly children (Dalziel, 1937). A leaf infusion is used for bathing and as an enema in treating convulsion and fits (Saunders, 1961). A few leaves boiled with oil palm fruits and prepared together as palm soup is taken internally by pregnant women whose foetus cannot develop or move (Ankoma Ayew-Centre for Scientific Research into Medicinal Plants, Mampong-Akwapim, Ghana). The dried and powdered root bark is applied to sores and with sorghum is rubbed on the gums to relive spasms of "infantile tetanus". The Anyis in the Ivory Coast make suppositories with the root pulp adding Xylopia fruits for dysentry. In Nigeria the leaves are a remedy for jaundice, applied by rectal injection (Irvine, 1961). In Ghana the ashes from the burnt leaves are applied by rectal injection on haemorrhoids or bleeding piles (Traditional Medicine). 6. MAJOR CHEMICAL CONSTITUENTS The juice contains 10 percent tannin. The bark contains 37 percent tannin (Howes, 1953) and is said to yield a dark blue dye. The plant is listed as fish poison (Parallel , 1911). The bark contains wax composed Buy Bromocriptine of a mixture of "melissyl alcohol" and its melissimic acid ester (Watt and Breyer-Brandwijk, 1962). - 105 - The seed contains a "toxalbumen". In the albumen of the kernel is another poison most abundant in the embryo, the chief poison is "toxalburoen cursjLn Purchase Bromocriptine Online 11 . It is said not to cause the agglutination of the red corpuscles but it may harm the ducts and thus cause serious trouble (Kerharo and Bouquet, 1950). The seeds owe their purgative property to the oils they contain (31-37 percent) they are poisonous and are formed of esters of palmitic and stearic acids (10-17 percent), oleic acids (45-62 percent) Linolic acids (18-45 percent) and myristic(?) and arachidic acids (less than 1 per 1000) (Mensier, 1961). The husk of the seeds also contains poisoit. Curcin is related to ricin in Ricinus and crotin of croton tiglium, for symptoms of poisoning (Burkhill, 1935). A third poison, a resin (croton resin) occurs in the seeds and causes redness and pustular eruption of the skin (Burkhill, 1935). 7. HARVESTING, CONSERVING AND PREPARTION The seeds are harvested, placed in heaps and allowed to dry and dehisce spontaneously. The seeds are then separated from the pericarp, dried, roasted and ground. The grounds are boiled and the extracted oil, which floats on the surface, can be collected. 8. ECONOMICS AND MARKETING It has been known to produce 350-lOOOlbs/acre ( 420-1 200kg/ha) of oil seed. It was grown commercially in the Cape Verde Islands and the Malagasy Republic. 9. SILVICS Jatropha curcas is easily propagated by seeds and by cuttings. It has been grown extensively in Ghana as fences and hedges, but has not been grown in plantations as reported in Senegal and the Cape Verde Islands. 10. MAJOR DISEASES There are no records of disease or pests. It is believed to be avoided by termites. 11. OTHER USES The sap contains 10% tannin and can be used as marking ink. The leaf juice stains red and marks linen indelible black. The dried seeds are put on sticks, and after being dipped into palm oil are used as torch which will keep alight even in strong wind. The oil from the seeds is used along with burnt plantain ashes in making hard home-made soap. It is also used to make soap in Zanzibar. The oil burns without smoke and has been employed Order Bromocriptine Online for street lighting near Rio-de-Janeiro (Irvine, 1961, Dalziel, 1937). In Europe the (semi-drying) oil is used in wool spinning. Soap is also made throughout West Africa from the wood ashes and in Ghana, from the leaf ashes (Irvine, 1961). In Guinea the ashes from the roots and branches are used as cooking salt and in the dye industry (Porteres, 1950). The bark is said to yield a dark blue dye. It contains 37 percent tannin (Howes, 1953). The lates is used in the Philippines for stunning fish. The seeds ground and mixed with palm oil are used in Gabon to kill rats (Walker, 1953) - 106 - In Ghana the leaves are used to fumigate houses against bed bugs. The seeds are sometimes added to Strophanthus seeds to make arrow poison or used as an ingredient with Euphorbia latex in a mixture (gunguma-Hausa) for poisoning corn as a Buy Bromocriptine Online bait for guinea fowls (Dalziel, 1937). The oil mixed with ashes is used in removing hairs from animal hides. The pounded seeds are used in tanning leather in the Northern and Upper Order Bromocriptine Regions of Ghana . Generic Bromocriptine It is widely planted as a hedge plant (see 9). 12. BIBLIOGRAPHY Aubreville, A. La flore forestiere de la Cote d'lvoire, 3 Vols. Paris: (1936) Larose edit. Burkhill, I.H. Economic products of Malay Peninsula; London: Oxford (1935) Univ. Press. Dalziel, J.M. The Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa. London:
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